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Food Systems Hub

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Step into the Future of Food with the Food Systems Hub

Without urgent and systematic change in the way we produce, farm, and trace the produce we all depend on, we are facing food systems collapse within the next 50 years.

Within this sector, like so many others, sustainability, finance and Marketing leaders are all under increasing pressure to be able to:

  • Credibly show impact across their value chains, to quite a detailed level

  • Demonstrate how their governance, risk and mitigation strategies feed into the bigger brand direction

  • Empower their teams to identify areas of internal reduction

  • Reduce their reliance on offsetting

Introducing the Food Systems Hub, a dynamic space dedicated to catalysing transformative change in the way we approach food. It will showcase the latest breakthroughs, methodologies, and solutions across food, agtech, environmental impact and supply chain domains.

This hub hosts dedicated areas for learning, education, benchmarking and networking. Attendees can expect immersive and interactive sessions that offer critical insights and new experiences.

This Hub features:

  • A curated seminar programme offering deep dives into the latest trends and innovations

  • Dedicated display space for food, agtech and supply chain innovators, shaping the ESG landscape

  • Bookable meeting space for food supply chain actors to foster meaningful conversations, relaxation, and networking

  • The new Impact Clinic 



Impact Clinic

NEW for 2024, the Impact Clinic offers a unique experience for supply chain actors in the food sector. It provides personalised and engaging sessions for attendees, both one-on-one and in a group. 

The clinic guides participants through a process that helps them to: 

  • gain insights into the impact of their product

  • identify potential areas of improvement

  • receive actionable recommendations 

By gathering data from various stakeholders and using pre-set defaults, the clinic provides a comprehensive view of the total impact. This empowers organisations to make time-critical improvements and drive meaningful change.


  1.  Endless networking opportunities: Connect with industry peers, customers, suppliers and partners to forge valuable relationships 

  2.  Targeted education: Engage in the curated seminar programme offering valuable insights into challenges and opportunities in the food systems landscape

  3.  Actionable insights: Receive hands-on guidance from experienced consultants and gain practical findings to drive positive change within your organisation

These 3 benefits will provide attendees with:

  • A very clear view, from the top-level to the bottom line, of the changes this can make to your organisation. Applicable to all levels of the company.

  • Assurance and confidence in making the proactive changes required to improve your impact

  • Transparency and trust to ESG claims

  • Empowering knowledge and insight for all levels of personnel within your organisation, enabling you to stand behind your actions

  • Powerful USPs, backed by real and defensible data

If you are interested in participating in the Food System Hub or Impact Clinic, please get in touch today. 

Day 1                          Day 2

  1. Food Systems Hub
    30 mins
  1. 20 mins


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