• Sustainability through collaboration

    Sustainability through collaboration

    Join us live & in-person at Reset Connect London, 28 – 29 June 2022, ExCeL London

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Why Connect in London?

According to the UN, around $5-7 trillion will be needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In the UK alone, existing infrastructure requires an average investment of £40 billion per year, over the next 10 years, to reach net zero.
Whichever way you look at it, addressing climate change is expensive, with financial resources needed at scale from both public
& private sectors.

There's No Planet B

Time to Take Action

With COP-26 taking place in November 2021, there is a critical need for the UK to drive continued momentum into 2022 if we are to stay on track with our climate ambitions. Connecting the industrial & sustainability ecosystems with the finance & investment community, Reset Connect London is a disruptive new event that addresses how present & future net-zero innovation & technology is going to be paid for and implemented.

What to Expect

Reset Connect London 2022 will be the UK’s largest sustainability ecosystem and ESG investment gathering.

It attracts policy makers, government leaders, large corporates, technology providers, purpose-led brands and entrepreneurs to network, find sustainable, low-carbon solutions and providers and explore opportunities for funding through institutional & impact investors, private equity & venture capital, and the financial adviser community.                  


Who Speaks?

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Who attends?

Who Should Attend?

Commercial & Industrial End-Users

• Connect with the leading sustainability startups and solution providers & achieve your net zero targets

• Hear from the Pioneers and businesses that are successfully transitioning across all sectors including Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure, Transportation, Heavy Industry, Business Events & Travel

• Engage and collaborate with other FTSE, international, & large scale operators at C-Level

Entrepreneurs & Founders

• Learn what investors are eager to fund and how you access these grants & funds. Learn how to pitch successfully

• Network with investors, fellow purpose-led businesses, and develop partnerships with leading participants in the sector

• Meet the leading FTSE & International businesses, build your pipeline, launch and test products in the market

ESG Investors & Advisers

• Understand the competitive landscape and the likely investment strategies across this growing sector

• Gain insight into purpose-led and listed companies employing various ESG strategies across the full spectrum of capital investment

• Hear from the thought leaders and leave with a deep understanding of the rapid transition that’s occurring

Event in Numbers


4,000m2    3,500 visitors    400+ delegates    50 speakers    5 International Pavillons








78%    380 million    2.8 trillion    48 billion    5 - 7 trillion

We Enable Better Connections


Our interactive clusters & feature areas allow visitors & conference delegates to immerse themselves in important industry sectors & topics.

Pioneer Stage

Keynotes from global business leaders, interviews, moderated panels & debates on topics including:
• The new ESG World (private equity, project finance, institutional & impact investors, & corporate lending)
• Innovating in the boardroom & changing shareholder expectations
• Financing future energy & infrastructure innovation
• Delivering on Net-Zero promises


• Deep dives, case studies, project insights & disruptive innovation

Base Camp

• Learn to pitch, understand the basics before you set out on your journey, networking & a curated meetings programme

Innovation Village

• Decarbonisation solutions for energy-intensive industries

Mobility Zone

• The future of transport

Talent & Diversity

• Spreading sustainability in the workforce

International Pavilions

• Global partners to help you make it work & get it right

London Stage

• Telling the story of London’s leadership as the global centre for green finance & sustainability

5 reasons for you to exhibit


Reach & build new relationships, generate leads and break into new markets


Increase visibility, brand awareness & position yourself as a market leader in a specific sector or discipline


Showcase your products, services & solutions to the market creating a buzz around new technologies & innovations


Position your business as an expert authority & thought leader


Raise finance & find new funding partners

Your Trusted Partner

We work with entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses on their sustainability journeys to achieve positive impact. 

Reset Connect have one of the leading databases of sustainable businesses and professionals across energy, mobility, infrastructure, transportation, heavy industry, business events & travel, ESG investment and purpose-led business in the UK, totalling over 30,000 people.

With over 20 years of experience building engaging communities, we can help bring your marketing campaign to life.

For a copy of the latest floorplan or to request prices please click here.

Reset Connect

Upcoming Webinars

04 Nov 2021
    • Corporate Sustainability
    • Clean Energy
    • Finance & Investment

    Focus: the COP26 programme focuses on accelerating the transition to Clean Energy. The use of green fuels for transportation, including Green Hydrogen, plays a key role in this debate, as does the establishment of a critical and reliable supply chain, fuelling infrastructure, financing and digital integration in order to secure a seamless transition to global net zero as quickly as possible and keep 1.5 degrees within reach...

11 Nov 2021
    • Founders & Entrepreneurs
    Focus: Is the world now at such a critical juncture that COP26 is in real danger of becoming a ‘greenwashing’ exercise? With many scientific analysts already predicting 1.5 degrees will be hit as soon as 2025, isn’t it time for the world’s politicians to stop grandstanding and for big business to step in and lead?...
17 Nov 2021
  1. Webinar
    • Founders & Entrepreneurs

    Focus: Is the world now at such a critical juncture that COP26 is in real danger of becoming a ‘greenwashing’ exercise? With many scientific analysts already predicting 1.5 degrees will be hit as soon as 2025, isn’t it time for the world’s politicians to stop grandstanding and for big business to step in and lead?...


25 Jan 2022
  1. Webinar
    • Finance & Investment
    Focus: This session looks at the challenges of choosing the right investment across a spectrum of choice particularly when performance measurement against non-financial, ethical or ESG objectives and ...
26 Jan 2022
  1. Webinar
    • Founders & Entrepreneurs
    • Finance & Investment
    Focus: In a post-pandemic world the wealth of new opportunities for startups and investors are more varied than ever. New models, innovative funding, and more ethical, ESG-focused investments are shap ...

Latest Articles


Sustainability Workshops

Our goal is to get businesses into action around sustainability.

8 October, 21 October, 18 November 2021
(11am - 1pm each session, online)

A 3 part workshop to implement sustainability measures and reductions, in conjunction with Green Circle Solutions.

The series is designed for Ops, Event Directors and operational suppliers either just starting or already implementing some basic reduction measures who want more of a framework and guidance on taking this further. 


The workshops will be held virtually in small groups of around 10 people to encourage as much personalised guidance and small group interaction as possible. 

Sustainability thrives off ecosystems and collaboration. As such we highly encourage open conversation, sharing and feedback. This is a safe space designed to support and elevate each other’s approach to sustainability. 

The workshop is designed to:

Together We Create

  • Provide a starting framework to approach your sustainability strategy and reduction measures

  • Assess where you are now in order to prioritise which areas to focus on within
    your event lifecycle and be able to quantify the results of these changes

  • Foster conversation and insight from colleagues across the industry to learn
    from each other, form support networks and work together to create change

  • Leave you with the tools to continue implementing reduction strategies

  • Provide guidance on how to approach internal teams and senior management
    for wider adoption and buy-in

  • Enable reductions by the end of the workshop



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