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why visit

Why Visit

Why Reset Connect London 2022?

Reset Connect London 2022 - the UK’s largest sustainability ecosystem and green investment gathering.

We bridge the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, government and funding. This disruptive new event provides present & future net-zero business solutions and the financing to implement them.

It attracts policy makers, government leaders, large corporates, technology providers, purpose-led brands and entrepreneurs to network, find sustainable, low-carbon solutions and providers and explore opportunities for funding through institutional & impact investors, private equity & venture capital, and the financial adviser community.           


Who Should Attend?

Sustainability-Driven Businesses & Industry Professionals 

• Businesses looking for sustainability solutions and providers to help achieve net-zero targets and investors to fund the adoption of these solutions 

• Learn from pioneers and businesses leading the transition across all sectors including Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure, Transportation, Heavy Industry, Business Events & Travel

• Engage and collaborate with other FTSE, international & large scale operators to share best practices, partner on projects and drive innovation and change at scale 

• Hear from government and policymakers on new policies, mandates, guidance, funding and support available for the business community

Finance, Investors & Advisers

• Network with finance & investment professionals & intermediaries seeking to gain a deeper knowledge of green finance, ESG or impact-led investing & the available products

• Meet companies looking for investment and guidance to deploy net-zero initiatives and refine their business processes in line with investors' ESG requirements

• Get insight into the competitive landscape and the likely PE and VC investment strategies 

• Connect with local and national government to determine upcoming policy changes, funds and regulations that will shape investment strategies 

Start-ups, Entrepreneurs & Founders

• Learn what investors are looking for and how you can access these grants & funds. Learn how to pitch successfully

• Network with investors, fellow purpose-led businesses, and develop partnerships with leading participants in the sector

• Meet the leading FTSE & International businesses, build your pipeline, launch and test products in the market

• Engage with government representatives and buyers, talk to the Mayor’s office and learn more on how to access international and regional government accelerator programmes 

Sustainable Events Professionals

As event organisers ourselves we are committed to delivering a sustainable event and have signed up to www.netzerocarbonevents.org, with many other companies in the events industry. Our London Hub is tailored towards sustainable event organisers and can be viewed here.

• Sustainability and in particular scope 3 emissions are going to have a major effect on events. Discover innovative solutions and changing business models that support sustainability objectives in the events industry

• Get the right guidance on what data to collect in order to understand and calculate your emissions and how to determine sustainability objectives

• Building on our Event Sustainability Workshop, learn how to measure your emissions and create reduction strategies tailored to your business

Government and Policy-makers

• Find the right solutions to meet the Government's minimum mandatory Government Buying Standards (GBS) for goods and services

• Stay updated on the best practices in the field of sustainability reporting to embed into policy development

• Actively contribute to the Mayor's office mission of aligning London with the Paris Climate Accord's emission reduction goals and lead the country in building the sustainable city of the future

• Meet with established solution providers and the future innovators from the sectors start-ups and SME's

The Event in Numbers










content hubs


conference theatres

We Enable Better Connections


Our interactive conference programme & feature areas allow visitors & conference delegates to immerse themselves in critical industry sectors & topics.

Pioneer Stage

Keynotes from global policymakers and business leaders, interviews, moderated panels & debates on topics including:

• City-Business Collaboration for a Sustainable Future
• The Link between Digitalisation and Sustainability
• Fostering Energy Supplier Innovation
• Investing in Strategic Technologies
• A Changing Climate for Business: Understanding the Environmental Challenges to Contend With

View our full conference programme here.


Trailblazer Stage

Case studies, project insights & disruptive innovation to financing change, including:

• Greening Finance: A Roadmap to Sustainable Investing to deliver on net-zero promises
• The Need to Work Collaboratively with Customers, the Supply Chain and Industry
• Tackling Emissions and Decarbonising Heavy Industry
• Approaches to Integrating Sustainability into Business, Manufacturing and the Supply Chain
• Innovating in the boardroom & changing shareholder expectations

View our full conference programme here.

Investor Hub

British Business Bank

This networking space will bring investors and climate tech companies together to help close the funding gap.

Financial Adviser Hub

SRI Services

The flow of capital into sustainable, ESG-rated and ethical funds is critical in facilitating finance sector transformation.

To enable funds and advisers to understand their role in this change, SRI Services have joined forces with Reset Connect London to launch the Financial Adviser Hub, a dedicated space to host the full cross-section of finance and sustainability stakeholders, including ESG and ethical fund managers, financial advisers & intermediaries, and financial services providers to help you advance your agenda and address your objectives.

View the Financial Adviser Hub speaker programme here.

Ground Breaker Stage

Learn about sector transformation, understand carbon footprints, targets and emissions reduction, and be inspired by sustainable success stories, including:

• Developing a Green Business Model
• Future Investment Strategies for Green SME Businesses and Start Ups
• Funding Climate Change Solutions
• Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Innovation
• Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Mobility

View our full conference programme here.

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub offers a space for industry leaders to present their pioneering ideas to reach net-neutrality. From Cryptocurrency to AI, data storage to energy storage, the pathway to a sustainable future is dependent on new technologies. By bringing together youth activists, energy innovators, AI researchers and others, the work of tomorrow will be envisioned today.

View the Innovation Hub speaker programme here.


Are you looking to be inspired by bold new strategies? Register for a ticket today!

Mobility Hub

EIT Urban Mobility

Supported by EIT Urban Mobility's Innovation Hub West, the Mobility Hub offers a space for leaders in transportation, logistics and electric vehicles to discuss pressing issues and solutions for sustainable mobility. By balancing energy usage, speed, range, applications and carbon emissions, we present solutions that meet the demand for transport transformation. Participating in these discussions will be representatives from the logistics, urban planning, travel, hospitality, utilities and infrastructure industries. 

View the Mobility Hub speaker programme here.

Industry Systems Hub


Industry associations are critical catalysts for change in the sectors they serve. 

The Climate Action For Associations (CAFA) initiative has joined forces with Reset Connect London to launch the Industry Systems Hub. A dedicated space for all stakeholders to meet a mobilised and driven cross-section of industry innovators related to sector-specific climate action; showcasing initiatives, support services and solutions that will save money, increase efficiency, future-proof business models, and all in a way that is good for the planet. 

London Hub

London and PartnersWhiteSpaceHireSpaceThe London Hub focuses on the UK capital as a global centre for sustainability, with a special focus on the city's thriving meetings and events sector. Hear from leading experts putting sustainability front and centre of an £84bn industry, and safeguarding London's future as a global business destination

View the London Hub speaker programme here

2022 Confirmed Speakers

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