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Carla Gautier

Carla Gautier

ReGen '24

Carla Gautier is a third-generation Puerto Rican architect (AIT, LEED G.A.) with a bold and transformative vision for our built environment.

Her track record positions her as a leader in sustainable design and conscious construction. While at WIT in Boston, Carla began her search for architectural solutions that are both aesthetically attractive and respectful of the environment. This passion took her around the world, from Berlin to Benin, where she explored new construction materials and sustainable practices.

However, it was back home where she began to serve her community, and the planet, through architecture. After Hurricane Maria in 2017, Carla saw the need for safe and resilient housing, and founded KONTi to build innovative structures that use up-cycled shipping containers which are more resistant to natural disasters.

She has been recognized as a CNN "Champion for Change", a Grist 50 Fellow, and a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, a testament to her leadership and impact. Her focus on sustainability not only benefits local communities, but also offers global solutions to climate and housing challenges. From events like the UN’s WUF 11, to her projects across Puerto Rico, she has shown that architecture can be a vehicle for environmental change. Her vision inspires others to build a sustainable future where architecture reflects beauty and commitment to future generations.