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Show Floor Hubs

Rest Connect

Our show floor hubs are more interactive and deep-dive into some of the most relevant topics in the industry.

The Tech & AI Hub highlights the work of sustainability pioneers and out-the-box thinkers who are leading the charge for groundbreaking climate solutions. These innovators come from all industries, business stages and sizes. 

The EnergyTech Hub connects innovative clean energy businesses with potential clients and funding, offering a dedicated space for stakeholders across the energy value chain to meet a targeted cross-section of innovators within the EnTech ecosystem. 

At the People & Careers Hub sustainability heads and business leaders share best practices for building a great sustainability team and sustainable business. While green recruiters provide advice and knowledge to new-comers to the sector and already-established professionals looking to develop their sustainability careers.

Crowd of attendees at Reset Connect show floor hub

Crowd of attendees at Reset Connect show floor hub

The Wealth & Investment Management Hub is a dedicated space to host the full cross-section of finance and sustainability stakeholders, which includes ESG and ethical fund managers, financial advisers & intermediaries, and financial services providers to help attendees advance their agendas and address objectives.

The NEW Food Systems Hub is a bold, new focal point of the show. This Hub is dedicated to systems change, and will showcase the latest thinking, approaches, innovations and solutions in Food, Agtech, Environmental Impact, and Supply Chain. As part of the hub, the Impact Clinic offers a new experience for supply chain actors in this sector, providing immersive, interactive and engaging sessions with both one-on-one and group meetings that are personalised to attendees.

The London Hub & Bar is a dedicated space for in-person events from the wider LCAW week of activities and thought leaders. It also provided a space for the Sustainable Events industry to discuss updates and case studies as well as key players contributing to London's net-zero transition.


Stay tuned for more content on our Sustainability Hub...

Show floor hub sessions