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Moving from Pledges to Progress - Part 2

06 Feb 2024
Sustainable Ventures, Coworking space & London HQ, County Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 7PB
Moving from Pledges to Progress - Part 2

Across industries, sustainability leaders grapple with formidable challenges in advancing environmental initiatives. These obstacles are rooted in the dynamic expectations of customers, fluctuating regulations and the essential task of aligning brands with environmental and social responsibility. Effectively navigating these challenges requires a strategic focus on sustainability across all departments and teams.

Following the success of Part 1 (Session Report), Man Bites Dog, in partnership with Reset Connect, Vivobarefoot and Be Better Sustainability, hosted the second part of this exclusive roundtable workshop series. Held on 6 February at Sustainable Ventures' new Central London space, in the County Hall building.

Each roundtable will focused on:

  • Effectively Integrating Sustainability into your Business Brand: How to embed a genuine culture of sustainability that drives action and elevates your brand, whilst avoiding greenwashing
  • Climate Resilience: How to future-proof your climate leadership and galvanise your own relationship with sustainability and net-zero
  • Embracing a Regenerative Business Model: How using the regen lens is a powerful pathway to empowering change, driving impact, staff engagement & retention, and purposeful profit.

Designed to help marketing leaders and their teams in their endeavours to drive their sustainability and decarbonisation efforts, this workshop:

  • Unpacked why comms teams shrink back from sustainability

  • Explored just how important it is to avoid falling into the greenhushing trap

  • Demonstrated how robust, owned data can pave the way to open, honest and meaningful sustainability communication

Hosted by: 

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Illana Adamson, Founder - Be Better Sustainability
Rosie Cripps, Sustainable Sourcing and Value Chain Lead - Vivobarefoot