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Paul Ebert

Paul Ebert

Group Director, Sustainability and Energy Transition Leadership, Worley
Internationally experienced professional in the energy transition and sustainability domains, and their changing contemporary nature and industry response. Tend to gravitate to the change end of the spectrum, having branched out of the steel industry in early career to do a PhD in wind energy at the very early phases of that technology, which then started a decades long journey through small to medium clean energy deployment, other tech such as energy storage, low-emission hydrogen, broad energy systems/feedstocks, industrial integration, markets, policy and now some of the most significant asset moves in the clean sector internationally.

My current role with Worley is a mixture of internal challenge and support in meeting the company's purpose of "delivering a more sustainable world", and external leadership across the industries served and stakeholders engaged. Always with a laser focus on the practical and stretch achievable, its about finding the right path and acting, facing down and responding to the big sustainability challenges we all face, caring for this fragile planet, its peoples and creatures, and passing onto those who follow something worth inheriting. No easy task, but I remain a believer in achieving the extraordinary.