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Sonia Lakshman

Sonia Lakshman

Co-Founder, Couch to Carbon Zero

Sonia is cofounder of Couch to Carbon Zero, the company that helps companies get their employees fired up about sustainability. With a client book that includes Virgin Media O2, Openreach, Immediate Media, The Surrey Wildlife Trust and many more, Couch to Carbon Zero is built on the principle that sustainability has to live in people’s hearts and minds before it can come alive in the workplace. Making that engaging, practical and inspiring is Couch to Carbon Zero’s driving DNA, with thousands of employees making decisions with the planet in mind, as a result.

Sonia comes from a background in music publishing and the media, before becoming a Career & Executive coach. Following one fateful day in April 2019, when she woke up to the climate emergency, she decided to refocus her skills and talents, dedicating her life to the fight for our planet.