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Pru Ashby

Pru Ashby

Head of Sustainability, London & Partners

Pru Ashby is Head of Sustainability for London & Partners and has responsibility for leading L&P’s urban innovation and sustainability sector work and supporting L&P’s sustainability strategy in support of their mission.

Pru has spent 16 years with London & Partners where she has developed a strong reputation in supporting companies in their globalisation including Twitter, Airbnb and Tesla. She completed a secondment at Tech City UK, the team set up by the UK Government to support Tech City, now the largest tech cluster in Europe, and is seen as pivotal to its growth. She has an extensive network of connections within the tech community in London, the USA and globally and was also based in New York for 2 years for London & Partners.

Previously, Pru studied engineering at university and lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand and China in the utilities and events sectors.