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Paul Rowett

Paul Rowett

Co-Founder, Toco

Paul has nearly 30 years of experience in the tech startup sector and co-founded a number of successful startups, many of which concluded in successful exits. Most recently, he was part of the co-founding team at Lobster Ink, a leading digitally-enabled training solution which offered curated learning content to global workforces. At the height of its success, Lobster Ink offered content in over 20 languages to more than 2-million users across 130 countries. The company was successfully acquired by the New York Stock Exchange listed Ecolab in 2019.

Since then, Paul has drawn on his expertise to find globally relevant solutions through his biggest passion: Climate Tech. Innovators have always been able to solve complex global problems driven by intrinsic value creation. Now humanity is asking innovators to solve the world’s most complex problem yet: climate change. Paul firmly believes that innovation will solve the challenge of decarbonising the global economy.

His current focus is as the co-founder and CEO of Toco, the world’s first digital currency backed by carbon mitigation assets. The aim is to start a movement to mitigate climate change through people’s everyday use of money. This will make positive climate action inclusive and accessible to everyone on the planet.