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Paul Ebert

Paul Ebert

Group Director, Sustainability and Energy Transition Leadership, Worley

Dr Paul Ebert is Group Director of Sustainability and Energy Transition Leadership at Worley where his responsibilities include representation at and involvement in various international forums, assisting with Group responses to contemporary sustainability challenges, and peer-to-peer engagement with customers. He is recognized as one of Worley’s senior broad subject matter experts in the energy transition. Based in London, Paul is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in wind turbine aerodynamics. His 30-year career has focused on innovative asset development in the clean energy industries, starting as a wind farm project manager in the electrical utility area in Australia before broadening internationally to other technologies such as high penetration renewable systems, energy storage, the emergence of low emissions hydrogen and the integration of clean pathways into the heavy industrials. Paul is a contributor to various organizations, including the Energy Transitions Commission, the Engineering Leadership Group and the Climate Leaders Coalition. He is a former Chair of the Advisory Panel to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and has sat on advisory bodies including for the Australian National University, the University of Newcastle, NetZero Australia and the CSIRO.