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Paine Eulalia Mako

Paine Eulalia Mako

Executive Director, Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT)

Paine Eulalia Mako is the Executive Director of Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT), an organization dedicated to community development and empowerment. With a decade-long tenure at UCRT, Paine has traversed various roles, demonstrating her commitment to grassroots engagement and gender equality.


Initially joining UCRT as a field facilitator, Paine worked closely with women's groups, facilitating empowerment initiatives and community-driven projects. Her dedication and passion for gender equality led her to assume the role of Gender Program Coordinator, where she spearheaded the establishment of Women's Rights and Leadership Forums across UCRT's programs. These forums served as platforms for women to advocate for their rights and foster local and social networks.


In 2015, Paine furthered her expertise by pursuing a Master's degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, reflecting her commitment to addressing environmental challenges alongside social issues. Upon completing her studies, she returned to UCRT and was appointed Organizational Programs Manager, overseeing the implementation of various projects aimed at sustainable community development.


In June 2020, Paine's exemplary leadership and dedication earned her the position of Executive Director of UCRT. In this role, she continues to steer the organization towards its mission of empowering communities and promoting social justice.


Before joining UCRT, Paine gained valuable experience working with AMREF Kenya and the Street Families government institution in Nairobi, where she honed her skills in community engagement and development.

Throughout her career, Paine has undergone numerous trainings, both nationally and internationally, to enhance her capacity in community development, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.


Paine's contributions extend beyond UCRT, as she represented East Africa and Africa in the highest governing body of the International Land Coalition, the Global Council. Additionally, she serves as a board member for various institutions, including schools, where she continues to advocate for positive change and community empowerment.


Contact Paine:
Phone: +255 765003650
Location: P. O. Box 15111 Arusha