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Nia Bell

Nia Bell

Communications & Partnerships Lead and Co-lead of the UK Chapter, PCAF

Nia leads the PCAF communications & partnerships team and supports UK signatories realise the full benefits of PCAF.  

A core part of Nia’s role is engaging with strategic partners to make sure PCAF’s standard development and wider efforts continue to align with those of key stakeholders.  Nia also delivers PCAF’s accredited partner program, a collaboration between PCAF and service providers to support consistent, comparable, and high-quality disclosures.

Nia is a Senior Consultant at Guidehouse, a global consulting firm, which serves as the PCAF Secretariat and is responsible for executing PCAF’s mission, vision, and strategy. Nia has a Masters in Theoretical Physics and a Doctorate in Materials Science.  Her professional interests lie in standard setting to support climate action, as well as circular economy approaches to improve resource efficiency.