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Natalya Wallin

Natalya Wallin

Founder, Vitality

Natalya is a co-founder at the Vitality Fund, focused on fueling the future of nature-based solutions.

She brings over a decade of experience in investor relations, consulting, and building strategic partnerships spanning corporations, start-ups, government, and civil society to create solutions to seemingly intransigent challenges.

She and her co-founder at Vitality first worked together to build a Global Fund focused on forced labor risks in supply chains and economic drivers of trafficking, resulting in over 75M USD on the ground in 40 projects around the world.

Building on her experience as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Interim Managing Director working across sectors to generate innovative solutions, Natalya co-founded Vitality to address the need for tangible investable opportunities in nature-based solutions. Leveraging global, multidisciplinary networks, Natalya aims to build the pipeline of nature-based solutions.

Natalya has a background in biology and molecular genetics, earned her MPP at UChicago where she was Executive Editor of the Chicago Policy Review, and earned her Executive MBA at Duke University where she was awarded the Forte Fellowship for women in leadership. Natalya is also a Life Time
Foundation athlete and top 30 female finisher at the Leadville, Colorado 100-mile mountain race.