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Nadav Steinmetz

Nadav Steinmetz

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Climate First
Nadav Steinmetz is an early-stage climate tech investor based in London. He has been an investor for the last decade, focused on climate tech for the last four years. He is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Climate First, a leading climate tech platform dedicated to scaling and commercializing climate innovations. Nadav is also the founder and CEO of Nomea, an early-stage climate tech fund focused on funding disruptive technologies across the UK, Europe, and Israel that will advance the world’s transition to a net zero economy. Nomea backs extraordinary entrepreneurs developing the next generation of climate technologies, and helping them develop into highly profitable and impactful enterprises.

Nadav is a former private equity investor with experience in financial services, venture capital and real estate. He also serves as an advisor and mentor to numerous companies and sits on the board of a number of nonprofit organizations.

Nadav holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Columbia University.