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Max Cunin

Max Cunin

Strategic Designer & Co-Founder, Superworld

Superworld designs alternative futures in tangible and intangibles forms in the fields of architecture, urbanism and strategic design. The practice was co-founded in 2019 by Maxime Cunin and Thomas Krall and is based in Rotterdam and London.

Maxime will be talking about RoofScape, a tool for rooftop activation strategies for local authorities and real estate owners, which they co-founded in 2022 together with MVRDV and Dutch local municipalities.

Maxime Cunin is a Belgian architect and engineer working on alternative economic, social and technological infrastructures manifesting in the built environment. He has led a range of architecture, research and system change projects with collaborators such as MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AMS-Institute, Strelka KB, MVRDV, the Biennale of Architecture of Rotterdam or the Dutch Design Week.