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Matt Andrew

Matt Andrew

Partner & General Manager - London Office, Ekimetrics

Matt has led Ekimetrics in the UK since 2016, providing consultancy services and data science solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands in marketing performance, customer analytics and data transformation with a strong emphasis on sustainable outcomes. 

Projects are typically aimed at transforming clients’ marketing activities and measurement, often building out data architectures, analytics platforms and self-serve capabilities, supplemented by deep-dive high-value insight from Ekimetrics’ consultants. Additionally, sustainability and using data to make a meaningful impact is core to both Matt and Ekimetrics. 

But Matt’s impact extends beyond data science, he champions agile, data-led decision-making across Ekimetrics, integrating sustainability into its core strategies and using data science as a force for positive change. At Reset Connect, Matt will share his insights on how cutting-edge analytics and AI can drive both business success and sustainable practices, aligning with the event’s mission to advance sustainability and innovation.