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Maria Costa

Maria Costa

Head of Sustainability for Wealth Management and Insurance, Santander UK

Maria is an accomplished professional with a passion for driving sustainability and innovation within organisations. As an enabler who excels in building relationships and connecting people, she is dedicated to delivering value for individuals and businesses alike.

Currently as Head of Sustainability for the Wealth Management and Insurance (WM&I) at Santander UK, she plays a pivotal role in developing its Sustainability Strategy. She is recognised for her proactive engagement as a spokesperson on sustainability, both internally and externally.

Maria holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh Business School, where she specialised in Strategy and has demonstrated her commitment to professional development through certifications in Sustainable Finance and Investment, from Yale University, Business Sustainability Management from The Institute for Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University and Disruptive Strategy at Harvard University. She is a versatile and reliable professional, always seeking collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities to promote a culture of growth and change.