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Illana Adamson

Illana Adamson

Founder, Be Better Sustainability

Illana is an independent sustainable development 3rd party thought leader, board advisor, keynote speaker and connector. With 20 years deep understanding of earth sciences, corporate sustainability and marketing she acts as a 3rd party expert to help C-Suite understand and fill competency gaps related to board due diligence, to achieve CSRD, CSDDD, ISSB, double materiality and avoid complexities of greenwashing risk.

Focussed on shifting the narrative from siloed sustainability to embedding necessary knowledge across organisational ecosystems to achieve context based competence - up and down stream through:

  • Be Better Education

    • ‘boards on board’

    • entry level training

  • Be Better Membership

    • bringing industry news, leadership and inspiration through keystone speakers for leaders in sustainability

  • Speaking - Keynotes and curated roundtables or workshops on topics such as:

  • planetary boundaries 

  • holistic sustainability

  • strategic sustainability

  • greenwashing

  • mandatory reporting

  • tension in short-term profit and long term strategic sustainaibility

  • getting communication right


Illana’s work has included: NHS, Surety, CISL, Reset-Connect, WEX Water Conference, Yellow Sub Hydro, WEX, ResetConnect, Sea Containers, Orient Express Hotels, The PFA, The Bank of England, ICAP, Monaco Grand Prix, The Forces Foundation, Margaret Thatcher, David Beckham and more. 


Illana’s credentials include: 30 years in strategic marketing, BSC Hons in Sustainable Development, IEMA, and ongoing empirical and independent research.