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Geoffrey Omoding

Geoffrey Omoding

Co-Founder, Patapia

Geoffrey is co-founder of Patapia – a refugee-led organisation empowering displaced women and young people in Uganda. Patapia helps those it supports become economically independent, strong and self-determined leaders of change.

Patapia’s work includes giving affordable loans for clean power products. Clean energy can spark new or higher earnings for refugee entrepreneurs. But buying equipment such as solar panels, lights, fridges and electric tools is often difficult. Many banks are reluctant to lend to refugees, and don’t understand the economic potential of clean energy. 

Patapia technicians check what energy supply and equipment customers will need, and also give training in using and maintaining it. Women can manage the loans on their phones, and there’s no need for a bank account, collateral or credit history. The organisation also helps women form ‘business families’, entrepreneur groups with five to ten members who provide guarantees and support for each other.