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Claire Bakhita

Claire Bakhita

Projects & Development Manager, GOGO Electric

Bakhita Claire is the Projects and Development Manager at GOGO Electric, where she leads and supports both the Project and Learning & Development teams.

In her previous role, Bakhita was a Research and Data Analyst at Bodawerk, contributing to an action learning project funded by Stichting DOEN and the PREO Foundation Agr E-Hub. This project aimed to facilitate the productive use of renewable energy through NextGen mini-grids to power agricultural mechanisation services in Northern Uganda. During this time, Bodawerk (GOGO Electric) tested standardised batteries as generators (modified inverters) and backup systems, as well as 2- and 3-wheeler EV conversions, and 2- and 4-wheel tractors.

Subsequently, Bakhita served as the Project Manager for DRIVe (Developing Relevant and Innovative Vocational Skills in E-Mobility), a skills development project implemented by GOGO Electric and funded by GIZ Uganda. Under her leadership, this project focused on improving skills and employability in the e-mobility sector, preparing a talented workforce for the sector's growth.

Bakhita is a passionate advocate for the green transition, leveraging her extensive background in research, data analysis, and project management to drive sustainability initiatives that accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in Uganda's transport sector.