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Aimee Higgins

Aimee Higgins

Co-Founder, Couch to Carbon Zero

Aimee is co-founder of Couch to Carbon Zero, the company that helps companies get their employees fired up about sustainability. With a particular focus on busy professionals and a client list including GoCardless, Kier, Version 1, Aegon Asset Management and many more, Couch to Carbon Zero is smart climate education with heart. The company has engaged and inspired thousands of employees to live and work more sustainably with a mission for every person, in every role to feel like a climate leader from the inside out.

Aimee has a background in senior roles in law, tax and HR consulting. Following one fateful day in April 2019, after a wakeup call to the climate emergency, she decided to refocus her experience, dedicating herself to the fight for our planet.