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Building Customer-Centric Brands and Propositions: Balancing Sustainability Goals, Combatting Greenwash, and Preserving the Planet

25 Jun 2024
Net-Zero Business Stage
Reset Connect London 2024

This session explores the intricate interplay between consumer behaviour, sustainability goals, and the imperative to avoid greenwashing. Uncover the challenges inherent in constructing customer propositions that seamlessly fuse environmental sustainability with consumer appeal.

Join us to demystify the nuanced landscape of persuasive marketing techniques, innovative product design, the critical role of transparency and honesty in promoting sustainable products, and the delicate balance between building brands that resonate with consumers and ensuring these brands contribute meaningfully to the preservation of our planet.

Stephen Shergold, ESG & Sustainability Partner - White & Case LLP
Will Richardson, Founder - Green Element
Hannah Cornick, Head of Sustainability and Social Innovation - Danone UK & Ireland
Keith Zakheim, CEO - Antenna Group
Ruth Andrade, Earth Care Strategy Lead - LUSH
Hannah Haas, Transformation & Sustainability Director - Abel & Cole