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Tech as an Enabler for Good

26 Jun 2024
Net-Zero Business Stage
Reset Connect London 2024

Today, more than two centuries after the first Industrial Revolution, we are living in the fifth Industrial Revolution. Driven by the existential threat of the climate crisis, the fifth industrial revolution is propelling sustainability-focused problem-solving across all sectors and businesses. 

AI and machine learning, cloud computing, big data, 3-D Printing, renewable energy, IoT, VR and AR, robotics, and automation are all but a few technologies that have emerged as solutions to modern problems. The question arises, how are these technologies being used for good? 

Join our panelists in exploring the answer to this question through their discussion highlighting exciting technological advancements, predictions on the future of tech-based solutions, and elaborating on the influence of technology as a tool for promoting climate resilience, equity, and positive change.

John Edmunds, CEO - CarbonQuota
Ritu Raj, Global Head of Sustainability - Unilever
David Coleman, Chief Product Officer - iov42
Matt Andrew, Partner & General Manager - London Office - Ekimetrics