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CLOSING KEYNOTE - The Look Ahead: Reasons for Optimism

26 Jun 2024
Main Stage Keynote
Reset Connect London 2024
2024 is touted as the most widespread election year to date with over 60 countries, representing almost half the world’s population, heading to the polls. What's more, the alarm bells are sounding on the climate emergency as 2023 tallied the highest average temperature around the globe and was declared the warmest year on record. 

These two facts bring humankind to a historic crossroads. The concurrence of these events presents the opportunity for remarkable change and positions 2024 as the year of action. 

Conclude your Reset Connect London 2024 experience with a positive outlook as our closing keynote speakers set forth an encouraging look ahead.
Ezequiel Vedana - ReGen '24
Carla Gautier - ReGen '24