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Transitioning from Intentions to Measurable Impact

23 Apr 2024
Sustainable Ventures, Coworking space & London HQ, County Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 7PB
Transitioning from Intentions to Measurable Impact

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The final part of our invite-only, two-hour, chatham house workshop took place on Tuesday 23 April. Hosted by Man Bites Dog, UK Launchpad, osapiens and Be Better Sustainability at Sustainable Ventures' central London HQ. 

2024 is a critical year for implementing sustainability strategies as new EU and SEC regulations take effect.

As the urgency for businesses to transition reaches an all-time high, business leaders and government officials face formidable challenges in advancing environmental initiatives. Effectively navigating these challenges requires a strategic focus on sustainability and cohesion across all departments and teams.

This exclusive event hosted business and finance professionals, government and local authority representatives and sustainability leaders for an afternoon of discussion, learning and networking. Exploring how to effectively integrate sustainability across your business to satisfy your customers, comply with regulations and align your brand with environmental and social responsibility.

Discussion topics

Each table discussion was led by a designated host, covering the following interconnected themes: 

  • Integrating Sustainability: Explore strategies for integrating sustainability into workforce development, fostering a purpose-driven culture, closing the green-skills gap and incentivising sustainable practices across all organisational levels

  • Mobilising Change Within Your Business Brand: How to embed a genuine culture of sustainability and effectively communicate your sustainability efforts to drive action and elevate your brand identity, whilst avoiding greenwashing
  • Business Transformation, managing regulations and sustainable growth: Discover methods to transform your corporation's alignment with sustainability, empower leadership teams for change, engage supply chains, and leverage regulatory reporting for sustainable growth.

We are currently in the process of creating a session report to summarise the workshop's key learnings and takeaways.

Stay tuned... 

Illana Adamson, Founder - Be Better Sustainability
Duncan Sparke, Divisional Director (Sustainability) - Man Bites Dog