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WHEB Asset Management

WHEB Asset Management are positive impact investors. We believe there is a fundamental connection between long-term positive change and long-term growth.

Impact investing means investing in companies to achieve a measurable positive social and/or environmental impact. All products and services have an impact. Some products have a negative impact, harming or undermining the social and environmental systems on which life depends. For others, impact is positive, helping to support or even restore the health of our systems. The 40-60 stocks held in our portfolio, and +/- 500 in our investment universe all have a positive impact and are contributors to the transition to a zero-carbon and sustainable global economy.

WHEB’s global equities strategy to invest in positive impact was first developed in 2005, long before it was fashionable. We are well known and respected for our experience, expertise and innovation in sustainable and impact investing. We focus on a single equity impact strategy, which has been developed over the long-term and tested across market cycles.

We are a certified B Corp with a mission to ‘advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments’. We work closely with industry partners to share best practice and raise awareness of sustainable and impact investing. Our ambition is to remain at the forefront of the impact investing movement supporting the integrity and scaling of this critical market.

Sustainable and impact investing is all that we do – and it is all that we will ever do.