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U-Earth Biotech

U-Earth is a biotech company moved by the vision of making clean air a human right.

U-Earth provides cutting edge, nature based, solutions - Pure Air Zone air purification services and U-Earth Store hyperhealth products, including U-Mask - building a community of game changers and pioneers to help in the air quality revolution.

Through the Pure Air Zone services, U-Earth offers the opportunity for companies to take the lead in driving a sustainable change and provide a pure air environment as a new standard.

All Pure Air Zones are featured in the U-App, where organisations can stand out as sustainable brands and individuals can ‘vote’ for a pure air world.

  • Attendees of the Reset Connect will experience completely decontaminated air using a suite of air purification products from biotechnology company, U-Earth. 
  • What if...

    26 Jun 2022 U-Earth

    Over 90% of people breathe unsafe air. Air pollution is the main contributor to the climate change crisis. What if we could concentrate the power of nature into intelligent devices to depollute? 

  • Are your employees breathing unsafe air?

    23 Jun 2022 U-Earth Team

    Watch Salvatore Pugliese, CEO at The Fool, explain how a data driven company has embraced a data driven approach to air purification to deliver a key message to his team: we care about you.

  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Smart Cities