Tenet has been providing trustworthy, independent support to financial advisers and discretionary fund managers (DFMs) for over 30 years.   Believing advisers and DFMs deserve peace of mind, we give them the support and facts they need to provide the very best, independently researched financial advice possible.

In response to escalating demand for ethical investing, we’ve performed extensive market research and due diligence on a range of ESG funds, mortgages, and managed portfolio services, giving advisers and DFMs the insight they need to make the right choices for their clients. 

Our research provides transparent, in-depth information, comparisons, and analysis of some of the strongest, most innovative, and best performing ESG funds, mortgages, and managed portfolio services available. 

Located on an easy-to-use digital platform, our clients can search for specific products using filters covering everything from cost and performance analysis, to whether environmental targets are realistic and how well they can evidence what they claim. 

Easily integrated into your existing advice and investment processes, Tenet’s ESG insight enables to you quickly and easily meet your client’s specific ESG needs, anywhere, anytime.

If you want to learn more about how to find the best ESG funds, mortgages, and managed portfolio services for your clients, pop by the Tenet stand for an informal chat.


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