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SustainCERT is a climate impact verifier, bringing credibility to climate action. Its offer combines established independent climate expertise with innovative, cutting-edge digital verification solutions.

SustainCERT provide impact validation and verification services for carbon markets and value chains. Founded as an independent standalone organisation in 2018 by Gold Standard, SustainCERT's approach aligns with and contributes to leading international sustainability frameworks - including the Greenhouse Gas Protocols, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Gold Standard and Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

In 2023, SustainCERT launched the world's first software platform for digital verification and management of climate claims across carbon markets and value chains. Verifying against globally recognised standards, the digitisation of this process will accelerate the speed, accuracy and quality of data measurement used for carbon credits and GHG impacts.

SustainCERT is also the co-founder of the Value Change Initiative, a multi-stakeholder forum bringing together some of the world’s largest companies, leading civil society actors and internationally recognised frameworks to collectively focus on defining best practice for Scope 3 emission reductions at scale.