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Rest Connect


The world's most cost-effective large-scale long-duration electricity storage, hydrogen storage and related integrated projects, head-and-shoulders ahead of all competition. Enormous synergies for green integrated projects, the more integrated the better, mostly built around Storelectric's Green CAESTM, including:

  • Halving grid connection size for offshore wind, saving ~£0.5bn/GW wind, increasing the quality and value of electricity sold (reducing by ~2/3 for onshore wind; ~3/4-to-7/8for solar);
  • Enabling renewables to power electrolysis, fuel synthesis, chemical synthesis, iron and steel making and other major uses more efficiently, cost-effectively, extending plant life, potentially entirely off-grid and therefore much more cheaply and cleanly;
  • Powering other infrastructure-scale plants such as desalination, water treatment with renewables much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Enabling renewables to power the world affordably, reliably and resiliently.