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Starling Bank

With fast technology, fair service and honest values, Starling was built to disrupt the banking world – not the planet.


We believe sustainable banking should be second nature. That’s why we’re branchless, paperless and run on renewable energy. In 2021, we launched the first UK Mastercard debit cards to be made from recycled plastic, and we’ve committed to being net zero by 2050.

As Britain’s first digital bank, we’ve created new ways for people to spend, save and manage their money – and take better care of the planet too! From reimagining the banking stuff you know to inventing never-before-seen features, we ask customers what they actually need. Then build it, fast.


Over 3.5 million accounts (and four account types!). A team of thousands across three offices in London, Cardiff and Southampton – with Manchester on the horizon.


So if sustainability is important to you, join half a million UK business owners who have changed the way they bank. Get no monthly fees, 24/7 UK support, and a whole suite of money management tools.

Download the Starling Bank app and apply for your free business account in minutes. Winner of Best Business Provider 2023 at The British Bank Awards.