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Resilio Solutions

Resilio was born from a common desire of EPFL engineers and experts to combine their skills and experience to best support your transition to digital sobriety.

Based in Switzerland, Resilio offers a high level of technical and methodological expertise. We rely on the highest quality standards on the market as well as on state of the art databases worldwide.

Our teams are certified "Green IT State of the Art", "Eco-design of digital services" and "LCA". They have extensive experience in designing and implementing new information systems in international companies. They practice agile methodologies, service design and collective intelligence on a daily basis. In an ecosystem perspective, Resilio is currently concluding several partnerships to make its tools and methods available to IT and consulting companies.

In the same vein, the company is strongly integrated in the Franco-Swiss responsible digital landscape by establishing privileged links with Planet'Tech Care, AGIT, the Institut du Numérique Responsable (Swiss), and Boavizta.