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Great innovations drive the clean energy revolution, but all connect to a rigid, passive, and ancient electricity grid. This severely limits our ability to decarbonise and incurs massive costs.

IONATE breaks this paradigm by transforming power systems with deep-tech innovation. Its proprietary hardware, the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer delivers the first meaningful innovation to the building blocks of the grid in over a hundred years. It enables all key data and power flow control in one device, at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, thanks to its innovation in the magnetics.

As these devices become the grid’s new underpinning, they turn previously passive system nodes into active ones. Coordinating them using IONATE’s software enables a grid that optimises itself. This smart, inherently efficient, multi-highway system catalyses all connecting innovation, like renewables or EVs. And that’s what IONATE’s mission is really about.