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Intelligent Reality

Intelligent Reality develops adaptive analytics and visualisation, with a particular focus on public health and environmental applications. Our Covid-19 analytics, developed with funding from UKRI, are uniquely able to predict the pandemic up to 28 days ahead and we are working with NatureScot to develop environmental analytics for human impact on the natural environment.

Our predictive analytics support decision making in diverse, rapidly changing and ‘messy’ data environments, providing insight into not just what you know about, but what you need to know but don’t know to look for. In doing so, we address the need for enterprises to break down traditional data silos and to base decision-making on patterns, relationships and trends derived from diverse and ever-changing data sources, from corporate databases to social media and real-time sensors.

Our SaaS platform combines self-organising software, mathematical modelling and machine learning to support this approach, developed in conjunction with our partner company, udu, Inc.