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Insurtech Gateway

Insurtech Gateway has spent the last 5 years supporting founders to achieve their goals faster. Many of these have been driving positive behavior change and tech adoption to accelerate reaching our climate goals. (Floodflash, Kita, Ehab, IBISA)

We are looking to share this experience with 5 more pre-seed founding teams this year. They will each receive hands-on support with venture building, regulatory licenses and investment up to £1M per company.

If you are struggling to solve a climate-related challenge maybe an insurtech business model is what you need to unlock a breakthrough? 

We’re seeing radical ways to de-risk new technologies, incentivise new behaviors at scale, and bring security to lenders across wide applications and markets.

  • Green AgiTech
  • Circular Economy
  • Carbon Markets
  • Protection of the biosphere
  • Renewable energy production and storage
  • Green infrastructure and transport
  • Climate resilience

We understand that you won’t have a fully formed product or business model, so don’t let that put you off. If you have the insight and sector knowledge, we can help to shape a highly investible product and business around you.

Insurtech Gateway was created to help non-insurance founders launch and scale radical risk-based business models. We have all the regulation and insurance stuff covered, so as long as you have an awesome idea and rapid execution skills we will get you to Series A.