ICC United Kingdom

ICC United Kingdom is the UK branch of ICC, the world’s largest and most influential business organisation.  ICC has a 100-year track record of fostering open, cross border trade, resolving cross-border commercial disputes, and setting best practice international rules for business at the highest levels of global governance, including the United Nations.

ICC represents 45 million companies of all sizes and sectors, employing 1 billion people in over 100 countries. In the UK, ICC represents some of our largest and most successful international companies with large value chains operating in more than 170 overseas markets. We help these companies, and their suppliers create a trading environment that promotes the rule of law and a level playing field for all.

We work closely with business groups, consumers, unions, NGOs, Parliamentarians, governments and institutions such as the World Trade Organization to build consensus and collective action on strategic trade priorities, remove trade barriers, reduce trade risks and costs and enable more people to participate and benefit from global trade.


  • Responsible Business
  • Sustainable Supply Chain