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Our platform allows both individuals and companies to fund short-term environmental impact projects that help with the reduction of CO2 emissions and are crucial for the preservation and restoration of our planet and its inhabitants.

The 14 globally located charities on our platform support a diverse range of projects impacting environmental, conservation and social causes, which are intended to align with all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The charities have been carefully selected based on their ability to deliver short-term environmental impact solutions and to relieve the negative effects of climate change on local communities around the world.

Gratitude launched in January 2023 with our subscription model aimed at gamers to reduce their CO2e and help protect the Planet through their donations to one of our charities. The gamer decides which charity to donate to from our diverse portfolio of beneficiaries.

Our innovative in game purchase model allows gaming companies and gamers committed to protecting the Planet to reduce their CO2e through our plug in API. Redirecting funds from the gaming company to Gratitude’s platform allowing the subscriber/gamer to decide which charity to donate to.

Help protect our planet through Gratitude’s award-winning platform, helping combat climate change. For every new subscriber we plant a tree in our Ecologi forest to help target long term impact.