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Who we are

Energise is a Net Zero and sustainability consultancy supporting customers in being a force for good, by providing our expertise and digital tools to organisations of all sizes.


What sets us apart

Our specialist consultants and data analysts join customers at every step of their sustainability journey. We provide ambitious, yet achievable strategies to Net Zero, and empower our customers to act on their plans through a rigorous data collection process, setting science-based targets, highlighting solutions for resource efficiencies, carbon literacy and behaviour change interventions, and responsible offsetting. The Energise team has an impressive track record of delivering on most compliance requirements and disclosure schemes (ESOS, SECR, TCFD, CDP, and GRI to name a few), with a 100% pass rate across more than 700 programmes.


Walking the talk on sustainability

As a B Corp ourselves, we have been rigorously tested against our environmental and social sustainability performance, and are very proud to have scored a solid 105.2 out of 200, compared to 50.9 for a typical business. We know how important it is to prove what’s possible, so everything at Energise is designed, purchased, and incorporated with people and planet playing at least an equal role alongside profit.