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Ecologi makes climate action simple by providing a platform for businesses and individuals to collectively reverse climate change through funding some of the world’s best climate solutions. So far, over 33,986 users have collectively funded the planting of 42 million trees and the reduction of 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions through Ecologi’s supported reforestation and verified carbon reduction projects.

  • Ecologi Zero is a real-time carbon footprint calculator for businesses - securely connecting with and importing accounting data, as well as asking users to input their energy usage, vehicle and travel ...
  • To mark Earth Day we teamed up with Entrepreneur, Investor and BBC Dragon Steven Bartlett to paint a picture of hope for our planet and remind us what’s possible through collective action.

  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero
  • Clean Tech
  • Digital Solutions
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Responsible Business
  • Sustainable Supply Chain