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Branded Biophilia provides sustainable options into a world that needs to be more environmentally aware. Our innovative range of products incorporate living plants to internal and external infrastructures, supported by our end-to-end service to design, install and maintain. We’re currently the only company in the UK to offer a full end-to-end service for living event walls; with the biggest range of biophilic (real plants/flowers ) event solutions, in the world. The core of our strategy is to make sustainability the number one priority for a range of services offered. We want to offer the most sustainable options with a realistic price tag.  We provide permanent internal and external walls, roofs, and screens. Our leasable event solutions enhance any space through the natural benefits of plants.   From DJ booths to biophilic networking pods, our innovative range of living solutions allows us to add value and an extra wow factor to any event, or venue itself. All of our leasable products are fully customisable, including the production of our sustainable branding and signage. Our freestanding structures, framework, and logo branding for our living walls use the most sustainable printing and exhibition materials in the market. Our systems are available to lease, and by using recycled plant pots, our systems incorporate a circular economy into our business as we can reuse, recycle, and revive plants.