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Every Child Online

It is a little-known fact that 1 in 4 children do not have access to a computer in the UK, this is of enormous concern to those trying to tackle issues faced by the digital divide.

Digital poverty is not simply a pandemic problem, the pandemic merely highlighted the immense scale of the issue in our communities, and it has also put a spotlight on a list of real-life issues faced by those without access to the internet in modern Britain.

Every Child Online is an ambitious UK charity whose goal is to help close the digital divide and significantly improve the standard of digital education in UK schools.

Their mission to tackle digital poverty and improve the online and digital education of our children and young people, has seen thousands of donated laptops and PCs from companies and the public across the country pass through the charities ITAD services. To date, Every Child Online has received, refurbished and donated for free; over 3.5 million pounds of devices to UK schools and other charitable organisations supporting underprivileged children and young adults.

Every Child Online is asking UK companies, IT managers and individuals to consider donating your old surplus PCs and laptops to them. If you’re planning to upgrade your IT equipment, or maybe if you are a business with shelves full of older PCs, laptops and monitors and are unsure what to do with them, don’t hesitate to contact the charity.

Every Child Online  provide professional and secure ITAD services to hundreds of UK businesses. Every Child Online accept devices with or without hard drives and of all ages. In addition to repurposing your old technology, any broken or unusable devices are harvested for spare parts or broken down and fully recycled. Click here for details about our refurbishment services