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SHE Changes Climate

SHE Changes Climate

SHE Changes Climate is a global non-for-profit campaigning organisation, which is driving awareness of the crucial role that women play in taking action on climate change. Founded in Autumn 2020, by Bianca Pitt, Antoinette Vermilye and Elise Buckle, SHE Changes Climate exists to increase female representation at all levels of climate decision making; by influencing key players, campaigning for public support, collaborating with counterparts and amplifying the overlooked.

Our vision is a world where women, in all their diversity, are active participants in decision-making to secure a more sustainable future for generations to come. We need more women at the negotiations table, in peace talks, in politics and on the Boards of public and private companies. The climate crisis is on our doorstep and it’s affecting us all. But the perspectives on, and decisions about, how to tackle it have been made mainly by men without always including and empowering women. Only 34% of COP26 committees, and 39% of those leading delegations, were women. At the 2021 G7 Summit, there was only one woman amongst the decision makers. This is despite the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan at COP25 requiring women’s participation in all levels of climate action. For all life to survive on this planet, we need perspectives of all humankind to be heard. Not only is this fair, but it makes sense too. Research shows that countries with more female parliamentarians have more advanced climate policy and lower recorded emissions. Women are also the most likely change-makers for climate in business, with female investors being twice as likely to consider Environmental Social Governance (ESG) when investing.

We strongly believe that we can only solve the climate crisis if men and women work together in a collaborative manner. Inclusiveness, diversity and gender balance are key to unlock the power of collective action and make positive change happen for people and the planet. By empowering and giving a voice to the ones that are normally not given a voice, we can facilitate the emergence of a systemic transformation of society and a just transition for all.