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Algbra has set out to revolutionise how communities save and spend their money. We are pioneering a movement. One in which people can invest, save and sustainably spend. Our approach is underpinned by a set of fundamental principles and values that support this.

Algbra is not a bank, we are a beacon, igniting the spirit within people who want to use their money differently and providing the advice and tools to make it happen. We are custodians who provide financial services to people wanting to protect their money and their future.

Our movement seeks to change the way people see banking and finance, because technology can transform customer experience and bring about opportunities that invigorate and nurture growth amongst neighbourhoods. Algbra will become a new community-code, a way of elevating people to reach their potential. A safer place to store your money.

With Algbra, you don’t get a debit card. You get a key. A key that unlocks doors to new homes. A key that builds communities, protects your assets. A key that enables new experiences and opens up new adventures. A key that is unique to you. A formula. A formula for your life.