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London Climate Action Week Hub & Bar 2023

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Innovations in Tech to Reduce Event Impact

27 Jun 2023
London Climate Action Week Hub & Bar

The session will focus on the intersection of event technology and sustainability, exploring how innovations in technology and software can significantly reduce the environmental impact of all types of events. 

The session will highlight various cutting-edge technologies and their practical applications in creating more sustainable events. 

  Attendees joining this session will:
  • Discover the intersection of event tech & sustainability:

    Explore the powerful synergy between event technology and sustainability, unlocking the potential to reduce the environmental impact of events. Gain a deeper understanding of how innovative technologies and software can create a more sustainable future for all types of events.
  • Learn about cutting-edge applications:

    Uncover a world of cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping the events industry. Discover practical applications and learn how to implement them to create more sustainable events. 
  • Uncover trends and best practices:

    Stay ahead of the curve by gaining insights into the latest trends and best practices in sustainable event planning and execution. Explore successful real-world examples and learn from industry experts. Leave the session equipped with valuable knowledge to integrate sustainable practices into your own event management, making a positive impact on the environmental footprint of events.