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Why We Need to Switch to Green Pensions

27 Jun 2023
Wealth & Investment Management Hub
Where are the electric motorways & the trucks with pantographs? Why is the North sea not already “the Saudi Arabia of wind”? And why is there still massive investment into fossil fuels? We can partly blame our pensions because we are not taking charge of where they invest. With a career approaching 4 decades on pension David concludes that pensions are above all “boring” and “complex”. As such engagement with what our pension is really low. This is tragic because we can transform pensions into an investment in solutions and encourage divestment from problems if only we knew how. This practical session is packed with interesting facts and take-aways to show you the power in your pension and how you can profit from it. The Path agrees with Make My Money Matter that pensions are 21x more powerful than all other carbon savings individuals can make.
David Macdonald, Chartered Financial Planner and Founder - Path Financial