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Don't just take our word for it, here is feedback from some of the exhibitors and partners that took part in the 2022 edition of Reset Connect London at ExCeL as part of London Climate Action Week.

“One of the most powerful things you can get from this event is being part of a sustainable community, a movement. It’s an opportunity to take a step back from your day job and be inspired to do good in your own business.” - Jarvis Smith, Co-Founding Director, My Green Pod 
“It’s been a really good exercise to get our name out there, drive brand awareness for the business and education around energy storage”. - Lizzi Gold, Operations Executive, Rhe Energise
"We met a huge amount of sustainably minded small and medium-sized businesses owners and we were proud to be able to showcase our green banking credentials over the course of the event, as well as network with businesses who can help us achieve our own sustainability ambitions." - Toni Coulson, Head of Forward Flow Lending, Starling Bank
"We really enjoyed Reset Connect. We've had some very positive conversations, including a project to kit out a 48 building development and a chance to work with 3 of the biggest office space providers in the UK." -  Mike Jeffs, CCO, Hark Systems
"Reset Connect is a great place for people to connect. And really I think our planet needs a reset, and what better than to group very inspiring individuals and companies together to create more sustainable solutions." - Christy Tong, Citizen Engagement, EIT Urban Mobility
“We met a really diverse group of people from lots of industries and sustainability. Good leads, great partnerships, connectors who can open doors to different communities and networks, great press and media contacts.” -  James Perry, CEO, LocoSoco 
"The event has been fantastic! We had over 100 leads around many different opportunities, to supply and to assist us in our growth. We've already booked for next year!” - Paul Gilligan, CEO & Founder, Magical Mushroom Company
"Reset Connect is a really exciting platform for connecting with businesses big and small who really want to make a difference in sustainability and it’s been great for us at Re.Wired Earth to start to gauge the UK population's views on what they care about and how we should be driving change across the market." -  Rupert Pearce, Co-Founder, Re.Wired Earth 
"I’d highly recommend having a presence at Reset Connect whether it’s as an attendee, an exhibitor or a commercial partner. It has great value in the sense that you get to have conversations with peers and potential new clients alike." - Dan Smyth, Commercial Sustainability Manager, Climate Partner 
"We cannot praise Reset Connect enough for putting on such a fantastic event! We have already rebooked for next year, going 4 times bigger! In summary it was like shooting fish in a barrel! Brilliant event, over 100 leads on Day 1!" -  Anna Price, Head of Marketing, Star Index

Sustainability Ambassador Interviews

Hear insights from innovative businesses and sustainability leaders. We speak to passionate, purpose-driven change-makers across different industries to hear how they're driving sustainable change and the benefits of doing so. Our aim is to connect and learn from one another.

What challenges have they faced? What sustainability strategies have they implemented? How did they embed sustainability into their culture? How did they scale? What would they do differently? These incredible businesses and professionals

Each interview provides key takeaways to support others on their journeys, wherever that may be.