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Zeina Nazer

Zeina Nazer

United Kingdom

Co-Founder of CITIES FORUM, Postgraduate Researcher at University of Southampton, and Vice Chair of ITS United Kingdom User Behavior Forum. 

Zeina has 25 years of global experience in strategy, advising for governments, consulting and transport innovation at KPMG, Parsons and AECOM. The author of more than 100 papers has shared her expertise in smart & sustainable cities, autonomous vehicles, road safety, road user charging, Transport innovation and entrepreneurship in conferences around the world.


Leading Advisor for governments on Future Cities and a global player in Smart & Sustainable Cities, Zeina specializes in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Growth Strategy and Policy in the Middle East, Europe, S.E. Asia and USA.


After 7 years working in USA, in 2005 Zeina moved to London to lead international consultancy work with Arcadis for M25 Design-Build Integral Demand Management. Zeina also provided support to financial design of the New Zealand Toll System project with Deloitte, supported Booz & Co in the PMO for Abu Dhabi DOT and shaped the future of transport for Dubai RTA.


In 2021-2022, Zeina led Research project for Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles at UK Department for Transport DfT on assessing safety of teleoperation on UK public roads.


Zeina was the chair of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Working Group TC204 WG1 on ITS Systems Architecture.  Zeina also served as Director on the Board of Women in Transportation (WTS) in the USA. 


Zeina is a member of the Jury of the "Innovation for Automotive" at the MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS (MWC).

Zeina has a BSc in Civil & Environmental Engineering at American University of Beirut, MSc in Transportation Engineering at University of Texas at Austin, MBA at the University of Chicago. She is a Professional Engineer licensed in the USA. Zeina is currently doctoral researcher on advancing safety using LiDAR for autonomous vehicles & smart cities while working to explore strategies for building sustainable communities with CITIES FORUM.