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Sue Whisky

Sue Whisky

Activist and CEO of ENM, ReGen '24

Sue WHISKY from village girl to global advocate, witnessed Malawi's beauty turn barren. 

At 14, she vowed to fight. As the founder of ENM, Sue has spearheaded numerous innovative projects addressing social issues prevalent in the rural areas where 85% of Malawians reside. Notably, she has created five groundbreaking inventions, including a solar-powered irrigation system, eco-friendly corncob briquettes, and a village waste management system. These initiatives not only tackle environmental challenges but also provide tangible solutions to socio-economic problems.

Sue's passion ignited global recognition. Now, she collaborates with leaders, tackles thin plastic bans, and electrifies villages. 5M+ trees planted, 23% of rural villages electrified with solar power, and a 145% food harvest increase stand as testaments to her fight for a sustainable future. Sue's story inspires all to protect our planet. She has been instrumental in providing jobs for 6500 women, sending 5000 children to school, and generating economic opportunities for 2000 farmers and their families in rural villages.

Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of dedication, innovation, and environmental stewardship. She is a young, dynamic, talented, and committed individual devoted to protecting the planet and advancing global action on environmental issues.

Sue's vision is for a brighter, greener future where all life is preserved, protected and promoted in peace and harmony.