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Parisa Wright

Parisa Wright

Founder & CEO, Greener & Clearer
Parisa Wright: With a background of 20 years in media, entertainment and commercial law; a passion for connecting people and problem solving; and two small children to inspire her; Parisa founded and runs Greener & Cleaner. The charity works tirelessly to facilitate inclusive community engagement and to empower the public to personally connect with and address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and air pollution individually and collaboratively, locally.  G&C has been helping thousands of households in South East London to share tips, skills and real life experiences of sustainable living and collaborate to make their communities greener, healthier and more sustainable now and in the future. Last month Parisa left her 20 year career in the law to focus more completely on addressing the climate crisis by massively boosting culture change and making sure that sustainable living is accessible and inclusive for all. She is doing that by helping deliver G&C's groundbreaking UK Community Sustainability Support Hubs & Behavioral Science Research Project with Imperial College London & others.